Germany is The Best Soccer Team in The World of Soccer Game

Germany football game is German’s favorite sport. They consider it as there countrywide sport. It has been proven in the history of soccer that Germany is one of the initial team who join since the being of soccer. They are usually compared with Europe and Brazil up to now they are considered as competitors. Germany proved to the world that they are one of the best by proving their names and successes.

They team is their superiority and joy. German fans are full of desire and very lively as well. They treat football as United State people treat baseball. Germany soccer is really the most crowded and pleasant sport for them. They have numerous players too that are well known and one of the best in the history of FIFA World cup.

Germany Best Team in The World:

Germany is very successful today and has been accepting offers from promoters like Adidas and other well-known brands like Puma. Indeed they have made a spot to football world and is one of the most observed and revered team in football.

Won 2014 FIFA World Cup Match:

Germany Win FIFA World Cup 2014

As you know the last game, wonderful victory of Germany. I was very happy to saw the FIFA world cup 2014-2015 final match. Very interesting match between the Argentina and Germany. No goal in both half. After tough competition Germany soccer team did one goal and beat the Argentina team.

Germany Won Four World Cup in The History:

Like Brazil, Italy and Argentina, Germany is listed amongst the World’s best teams. Out of 20 competitions, Germany won four times. Between June 16 and July 4, 1954, it won its first international world cup when the German team captured the World Championship in Switzerland. In the final match, they beat 3-2. Enquiringly, in the first round, it lost 8-3. This was the first time in which a country other than Uruguay had won the FIFA World Cup. After two decades, by 1974, the men’s soccer best team of West Germany, led by its star Franz, won its second world wide title by beating Holland 2 to 1 in the final game of FIFA World cup match. Then, in 1990, the national group came in first place in the Men’s best Soccer World Cup in Rome, Italy. Puma Soccer Cleats



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