5 best soccer cleats for strikers to score more goals!

Each and every soccer players want to have the best cleats for their position or because of that I today decided to write or select which are the best soccer cleats for strikers. Strikers are players who have one important thing to do and this is scoring goals. Are you a strikers and you wish to score more goals?
Do you want to dribble much better and to go past more opponent players? Be faster and make more precise passes to your teammates. Did you answered yes on any question, well than you should look at which are the best soccer cleats for strikers that are mentioned below!

How I chosen them and my story

Choosing best soccer cleats for strikers and for any other role isn’t easy, since you are never 100% if you chosen the best ones. My most important point when I was selecting best soccer cleats for strikers was my experience. During my career I played in different rankings, but many period as a strikers or right wing. I don’t wish to praise, but I also scored a few goals or after time I realized that a few of cleats are more likely than others. I more like ones with better grip and that they are not heavy.
At starting I purchased or tried different brands or models of cleats, including Puma, Nike, Adidas and others, but after time when I played some seasons I started to purchase only Adidas cleats or here are my best soccer cleats for strikers. To be more specific I choose Adidas Predator soccer cleats, since I have a wide feet. Good cleats for wide feet are cleats from kangaroo leather.
They assisted me to score more goals I’m sure in that. Another essential thing is the recommendation. If someone that already had them recommend them, it’s very likely that they are good. I discovered that by searching on the internet and asking some of my friends that play soccer in ahead position. Now, let’s take a look below at which are the best soccer cleats for strikers in my opinion.

5 best soccer cleats for strikers to score more goals

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3 Important things for strikers

Here I want to mention 3 fantastic tips that with will work good with best soccer cleats for strikers. First thing is that you have to be focused or ready. Second thing is that you go on every ball and third thing is don’t worry and forget about the shots you miss others will come! Beside this you have to practice lots to improve all your skills.


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