RIp Adidas Predators

Are you sitting comfortably? Great, since we’ve got a few rather big or potentially upsetting news to reveal to you…

Adidas are killing off the predator

After twenty years, one of the more iconic soccer shoes of all time will be no longer, along with the F50, Adipure 11Pro or Nitrocharge. Instead of continuing with the classics, Adidas are revolutionizing the footwear game with ‘Ace’ and ‘X’ – one representing ‘chaos’ and the other ‘control’.

The Predator, originally created by ex-Liverpool forwards Craig Johnston, swiftly became an iconic staple of the organization or would go onto become the most favored football footwear of the past two decades.


To celebrate the news, Adidas have dropped an unexpected video into our laps nowadays, featuring the likes of Pep Guardiola, Gareth Bale, Thomas Muller, Arjen Robben, Luis Suarez and some bloke called Lionel Messi.

The official press release from the German sportswear behemoths reads.

“The game of soccer has changed over time. Positions, traits or attributes that mattered before are irrelevant now. There’s a new set of rules. Forget everything you thought you knew about soccer, the future is now”

As excited as we are for the ‘Revolution’, we’re still having a hard time coming to terms with such an important loss…

It’s OK, we’re crying, too.


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