The Wait Is Over – Adidas Ace15 and X15 Officially Released

Adidas Ace15

It appears like forever ago that adidas announced their decision to replace their entire line-up with 3 new shoes; Ace15, X15 or Messi 15. Since that time, we have been fed a ton of content including videos, pictures and even a huge marketing party in USA. But, up until this point they were only available for pre-order.

And finally, as of today, retailers are stocked or pairs are being shipped out to anyone looking to secure a pair!! We have the total top-tier selection in hand and are ready for testing. Included is the synthetic or leather versions of the Ace15 or X15 as well as “the exception to the rule”, Messi15. We are seeking to put them through their paces or bring you our take on each over the coming weeks.

Find everything included in the “Be The Difference” series over on Aztecasoocer

Adidas Soccer Shoes 2015 Collection

Adidas Messi15 Boxed

Explaining Tiers

In the past, we have referred to shoes simply as “top level” or “mid tier”, sometimes Nike has thrown “Elite” out there. But now adidas has come up with a brand new “official” naming convention that will distinguish each shoe in a silo. Here is the key take or what you need to know as you seek to find the pair that is right for you and your budget, using the Ace15 as the example.

The family name is adidas Ace.

The product name is Ace15, in accordance with this season.

Each boot gets a number that corrolates with its position in the silo.

Ace15.1 is the “Elite” model, worn by adidas athletes.

Ace15.2 is the “Pro” model.

Ace15.3 is the “Team” model.

Ace 15.4 is the “Rookie” model.

Once again, you can find each tier or boot currently available to ship at


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