Adidas release the “Finale 15” UCL Official Match Ball

Adidas Finale 15

Adidas today officially launched the official UCL match ball for this season, the Finale 15. This version continues to boast the traditional or world famous star panel design but with a twist – it features a reinterpretation of the elements contained on the city crest of Milan – the location for this year’s UEFA Champions League Final.

The stars of the mainly white ball come in striking tones of blue which carry a distinct snake skin feature. In addition these also feature design references to the colors of the EXPO – a Universal Exposition to be held in Milan this year.

We’ve really had this ball in testing for a couple weeks and the most fascinating aspect of it is the snake skin factor on the stars. Basically, there is extra definition and a raised texture feel that runs across a blue snake skin pattern – as seen below. This offers additional traction on the ball and if striked correctly, increases the amount of spin you can get on shots.

Champions League Finale

For those wondering, this ball has been available on the market for a while right now. Being that it was used in the prelimenary rounds, it only made sense for followers to have an opportunity to own one. The “official” launch coincides with tomorrows Champions League group draw, where the tournament really kicks-off.

If you wish to see more, discover the ball listed at

Adidas Finale15 Texture

Finally, what better wear to understand more about the ball than to talk to those behind its creation. Franziska Loeffelmann, lead designer, gave us some important details on what is so special about this most recent version.

How does this year’s differ from 2014/2015?

We ended last season with the shiny or colorful ball that was used for the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin. The transfer to this season represents a much cleaner concept.

The group stage ball introduces the upcoming final city – Milan – in an elegant, clean way through the colors we’ve used as part of the design.

What was the design motivation behind the ball?

The inspiration for the design or concept stems from Milan, or all that the city represents. This is shown with the snakes, which run over the stars, whilst the red thin line is indicating the cross. The finishing of the stars is very shiny, which is designed to call out the snake even more.

Are available any new technical elements to the 2015/2016 ball?

To give the ball a new in-hand feel, we have utilized two completely different textures. The stars are covered with the Brazuca texture call ‘muturm’, whereas the hexagons are completed with a soft texture called ‘vimini’.

Adidas Champions League Finale Ball




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